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The note when choosing to rent or buy an apartment

  1. Locate the apartment building

Apartment is well located when it ensures convenience for your basic needs and family (travel, activities, work …). It is not easy to find an apartment project with convenient location with “soft” price, because the segment of apartments under 1 billion is usually located quite far from the city center.

Therefore, you need to balance your finance and needs to choose the right apartment. Should consider the location near utilities such as markets, schools, workplaces … Note the traffic around the apartment, especially at rush hours to see if congestion occurs, avoid encountering troubles. Full of problems later on moving.

  1. Legal inspection

If you rent or buy a building apartment, you need to know the identity of the land, see if the project is mortgaging or not. If the project is mortgaged and you decide to sign a sales contract, you must ask the investor to provide the mortgage documents for your apartment.

In addition to the legal documents of the project, buyers need to carefully review the sales contract. The terms of the contract must be clear, easy to understand, agree on service charges, payment schedule, authority of the parties .

  1. Know the investor closely

Before buying an apartment, you must find out the name, capacity of the investor, investment license and construction of the project.

  1. Evaluation of internal and external utilities

The advantage when living in an apartment is that you will be able to use a lot of external facilities such as parks, commercial centers … However, with the booming development of the projects, there is no shortage of condominiums only meeting to meet the needs for housing, ignoring this factor, even building close to the road surface and completely cutting the play area for children …

Regarding internal utilities, tenants or buyers should pay attention to the information about the number of elevators, emergency exits, the level of stable operation of the lifts around the building … because these are the close utilities that you will future use.

Apartment density is also a factor when you consider renting or buying an apartment. Consistent and popular density now is 8 apartments / floor. If this number is larger, it means that the population is very thick, which leads to queues when using common utilities, which overload the operation of technical services.

  1. Security is an important criterion

You need to observe whether the apartment is equipped with a standard fire protection system, how to manage the entrance and exit of the apartment, a surveillance camera system or an alarm system when there is an emergency. No … Taking your own surveys, talking and asking people living in the apartment complex is the best way for you to collect this information.

  1. Parking area

According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Construction in 2013 in Vietnam, for every 100m² of apartment use area, the investor must reserve 20m² of the area for parking, including the aisle. But in fact, many apartments designed parking lots too small to meet the needs of residents. Therefore, you need to find out whether the parking area of the apartment is convenient? Is it safe? Is there a limit on the number of vehicles or the fee? …

  1. Negotiate prices

Through the Internet or exchanges, it is not difficult for you to find out the general price of projects in each area. In case the seller offers a price higher than the actual price, the above information will help you confidently negotiate.

For customers who are not ready on the budget, the support policy can be considered as installments or installments of investors.

In addition, the maximum amount of loan when buying an apartment can be up to 70-80% of the purchase contract. However, to ensure affordability, you should only buy an apartment when you have at least 50% of the value of the house, the remaining 50% can borrow a bank. In other words, you should choose a loan package so that only pay about 30-40% of the total income in the month.

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  1. Apartments should be avoided

You should avoid renting or buying an apartment with a sealed room (no windows facing out, lack of ventilation), an apartment near the garbage dump (possibly unsanitary), near an elevator (often passersby, crowded and noisy) …

Considering the taboos in feng shui, buyers should avoid apartments with distorted shapes, both difficult to arrange neatly and not good for fortune. Toward the home, you should choose an apartment facing south or southeast to catch cool breezes and more stable light.

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